Free AR/VR Tutorials

Get Familiar with the Lingo

Start here for a list of definitions, terms, and software related to immersive technologies



Getting Started

A collection of resources for building for the Microsoft HoloLens



for Android & iOS in Unity

Learn how to build a simple planet viewer using the Google VR SDK in Unity.



Marker-based Mobile AR

Learn the basics of Vuforia to create marker AR applications in Unity



Resources we ❤️️

Unity, a company that makes a game engine popular for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences, has compiled an extensive overview of "XR" development and design principles. Great for understanding the devices available and how they tie into the Unity engine development process.

Blog Series

The Inborn Experience blog highlights interviews with UX/UI designers working in the immersive technology space to cover their daily routines, processes, workflows, and the industry as a whole!

How to Get a Job in VR

This article by Adrienne Hunter is an excellent primer on VR job hunting, skill-building, networking, community groups, and more. We recommend starting here if you're starting your search for your space in the immersive technology industry!

Virtual Reality Pop

Curated VR Articles

Virtual Reality Pop is a Medium blog on virtual reality with a number of authors across the industry. Articles contain educational information, industry reports, and current news on immersive technologies.

Entering VR


Entering VR is a website that collects some really great resources around virtual and augmented reality podcasts, news sites, social media accounts, and sites for design and development. We recommend checking it out if you're just starting out to get familiar with the community quickly.

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