ARVR Academy is helping a new generation of XR Creators

We are the future of technology

ARVR Academy

Open curriculum for hosting classes and workshops on developing virtual and augmented reality applications


Access to loaner devices through a check-out program so that you can develop and test applications 



Attend events and meet others at industry conferences and local meetups

 Mentor Groups

Connect with other women in self-guided study groups that span a number of different technologies and disciplines.



Hardware demos, hackathons, and hanging out in social virtual reality experiences with friends

Weekend Workshops


On topics related to future-oriented technologies and career success



ARVR Academy is an organization dedicated to diversity and inclusion in immersive and emerging technologies through education and professional development efforts. We seek to increase the representation of people from underrepresented communities across entrepreneurial, technical, and creative roles in the industry. We are working towards an open sourced curriculum of immersive technologies, and aim to help anyone, regardless of prior experience or background, find their spot in the technology industries.

We are a passionate group of creators from different backgrounds who share a central goal: to build awesome things in the fields of virtual and augmented reality - and we want to help others do the same.

From open source projects to workshops and educational series, we encourage creativity, kindness, compassion, geekiness, and exploration of the future, and a sense of community while doing it.


Board of Directors

Amy LaMeyer

© 2016 - 2018 ARVR Academy

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